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Information Assurance Standards Committee (IASC)
Established February 2003

Executive Committee

  • Jack Cole, ARL, Chair IASC
  • Jim Hughes, SUN, Chair P1619
  • Clement Kent, Member at Large
  • Ariel Sobelman, SanDisk, Chair of P1667
  • Stephen Wolthusen, Royal Holloway, University of London,
    Vice Chair for European Activities
  • Don Wright, Lexmark, Chair P2600
  • Yuliang Zheng, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Member at Large

Scope: Information Technologies and their interdependencies that affect/effect timely delivery of information subject to well-known quality of service requirements: authentication, authorization, confidentiality, data integrity, and non-repudiation (auditing). Information Assurance (IA) depends on and affects all IT areas, and serves knowledge management (KM), "Mission Completion" (military), and "Business Continuity" (commerce).

Projects: Complete, current List at

Meetings: Held by email and teleconference. Next meeting TBA

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Receive AudCom approval of IASC Procedures in 2006
  • Participate in IEEE CS SAB AdCom meeting 2007.01.24
  • Receive RevCom approval of balloted P1667 draft on  2006.12.05
    "Standard Protocol for Authentication in Host Attachments
    of Transient Storage Devices"
  • P2600 submitted to NesCom this month as four separate PARs
    Standard for Information Technology: Hardcopy System and Device Security
  • P1619.3 submitted this month to NesCom
    Standard for Key Management Infrastructure for Cryptographic Protection of Stored Data

2007 Plans:

  • Respond to IEEE 1667 comments when standard is published in June
  • Respond to Silo Type Identifier requests for IEEE 1667
  • Participate in IEEE Information Assurance Standards Workshop
    at NIST/Gaithersburg, MD in October
  • Submit financial reports L50-S before May
  • Resume Development of P1700 with NIST
    Standard for Information System Security Assurance Architecture (ISSAA)
  • Ballot P1619, P1619.1, P1619.2, P1700, P2600
  • Enter Joint Projects with SSESC
  • Support 24th IEEE Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies (MSST2007) September 24-27, 2007, and on
    September 27, 2007 the 4th  International IEEE Security in Storage Workshop

2008 Plans:

  • Ballot Standards of P1700 Family
  • Ballot P1619.3
    Standard for Key Management Infrastructure for Cryptographic Protection of Stored Data
  • Ballot 2600


  • Coordinate with other SDOs
  • Start Up Project: Standard Definition of "Information Assurance"
  • Revive Dormant Project:  Development of Standard IA Terms
  • Continue to Develop Collaborations
    • Storage Systems Standards Committee (SSSC)
    • Software & Systems Engineering Standards Committee (S2ESC)
    • U.S. Government Organizations:
      • Defense Standardization Program
      • Department of Homeland Security
      • NIAP (NIST, NSA)
      • NCO/NITRD
      • CNSS
      • Defense Continuity Program
    • Various Universities
    • Organizations Developing Industry Standards in Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Defense
  • Sponsor or Co-Sponsor Disparate IT Standards Related to IA
  • Continue Support of IA Related Workshops, Conferences, Publications
  • Support IEEE COMPUTER Security Column
  • Explore Collaboration with IEEE ISTO Open Security Exchange, Liberty Alliance and with the Trusted Computing Group


IEEE 1667 was developed through the Corporate Program, and the project was brought to our attention by Edward Rashba, IEEE Manager, New Technical Programs. This standard was jointly sponsored with SSSC, and was supported by TFIA and MSSTC.

updated Tuesday, January 30, 2007

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